Our Step-By-Step Process for Spindle Motor Repair

Fixing a spindle motor requires a keen eye and the right tools for the job. The slightest mistake when repairing a spindle motor could result in recurring faults. Spindles are motors that rotate at high velocity. They are common in advanced machinery like CNC milling machines. Like all machine components, spindles are subject to wear and tear with time.

It is not advisable to repair your spindle in-house. Without prior knowledge of CNC spindle repair, one can make irreversible mistakes that just cost you more time and money. Fixing faulty spindles requires:

  • High-quality parts
  • Close tolerance measuring equipment
  • The proper balancing equipment
  • Knowledge in dynamic rotational balancing
  • A deep understanding of bearing fits and mounting configurations
  • Precision machining
  • Precision grinding
  • Electrical knowledge
High-quality spare parts

When spindles rotate at high speeds, they experience rapid wear and tear. Using high quality and durable spare parts slows down the wear and tear. The best quality spindle motor spare parts are not cheap. A spindle motor service expert must source the same quality materials for rebuilding faulty spindles. These components are expensive and require sophisticated tools to properly assemble them into the spindle motor.

Dynamic rotational balancing One of the most important things when rebuilding a spindle is to properly balance the spindle. A spindle not balanced or improperly balanced will have vibration that will prematurely wear the bearings and other components. Spindle imbalance can cause:

  • Damage of internal spindle components
  • Cause poor finishes
  • Prematurely wear tooling
  • Overheating issues
Precision machining

Fixing a faulty spindle requires a sharp eye. In addition, all damaged components of a spindle require skill and precision to correct. Whether it is replacing worn-out bearings, Hard chrome plating, and grinding of the bearing journals on the shaft or bore of the housing, accuracy, and precision will prevent recurring spindle problems. Only a trained spindle repair technician will be skilled on measurements of all the critical components.

Why should you hire us?

We are professional spindle rebuilders with years of experience on the job and we can work with anyone nationwide from our repair facility based in Huntington Beach, California. We know how to disassemble and assemble all spindle brands for repair. Whether it is a CNC milling or lathe spindle motorized or belt-driven, air oil-lubricated or grease lubricated. our in-house technician will perform all these tasks without damaging any components. We will email you a detailed quote with all the failure analysis findings and what it takes to rebuild your spindle.

We have partnered with some of the best spindle spare part suppliers on the market. It allows us to provide quality spindle repair services at affordable rates. In addition, all our technicians are savvy in the latest spindle repair technology. We also have skilled machinists to manufacture or repair many spindle components.

Need someone to balance your spindle motor correctly? We will run a test and balance any spindle motor. If there are problems with your spindle you will be notified and then the rebuild process will begin if you approve.

We have all the latest tools and many specialty tools for rebuilding your faulty spindles. We intricately repair damaged or malfunctioning spindles while observing all mandatory spindle repair guidelines. In addition, our services come with a 12-month warranty. It is a guarantee that our spindle repair services are equal to or above the industry standards.

Do you have a faulty spindle that needs repair? Get it to us or download a repair form from our website and let us know what is wrong with your spindle. Contact MZI Precision to speak with a representative and learn more about our services: (714) 379-6505 or contact Ed at 714-475-4016