MZI Precision’s Spindle Repair Service

Frequently asked questions

How can I send my spindle for repair?

Download a repair form from our website, print it, and fill it out. Print a copy for yourself too. Send the original document and the faulty spindle carefully wrapped, via the drop off, by truck, FedEx, UPS or call us for a pick up. We will send you a confirmation once the spindle gets to us.

How long will it take to repair the spindle?

It depends on the condition of the spindle. Our CNC spindle repair technician will take apart the spindle and perform a complete inspection. We will then provide a quotation for the rebuild. This will include our finding, (failure analysis) and what is needed to have your spindle rebuilt to like new condition. Once you have received this quotation and have issued a purchase order we will begin the rebuild process. Typically, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to rebuild faulty spindles. On the other hand, less complex spindles that need little work can take as few as 2-3 days. We also offer Rush services when your spindle is needed back in your shop as quickly as possible.

For spindles with advanced designs, the turnaround time can be three weeks or more. It may take longer to repair spindles with extensive wear, damaged or broken parts. Parts that are worn can be repaired by utilizing hard chrome plating. This will typically and 10 -12 to the rebuild process. Please ensure the repair form is as detailed as possible to speed up the repair process.

Can I ship my spindle from another region?

We extend our spindle rebuild and repairs to clients in all U.S. states. Our repair shop recommends UPS, FedEx or any over the road carrier. With spindles weighing more than 100 lbs. over the road carriers are best.

Which spindle brands can you fix?

Our spindle rebuilders have worked on a variety of spindle brands. In addition, they are aware of the latest spindle designs, brands, and models. Therefore, we are confident our technicians can fix your faulty spindle. See our website or one of our flyers for a listing of spindle brands we service.

Once we receive your faulty spindle, we will take it apart and examine it thoroughly to determine the problem. Some spindles may only require component replacement to function like new again. However, spindles with extensive or severe wear and tear will need rework performed.

How much will it cost to fix my spindle?

Many factors determine our spindle repair costs. We consider the time it takes our technician to fix your spindle. Final costs are also determined by:

● Pricing and availability of replacement components
● Spindle motor service repairs- reworking or replacing spindle motor
● Condition of the spindle and how much work it takes to bring back to OEM specifications

Our technician will troubleshoot your spindle to determine possible problems. We will then send a quote with details of all the service work needed and parts that need replaced.

How do I pay for repairs?

We extend Net 30 to most repeating customers. Upon credit review we can set up a new customer with these terms. You can also pay for our services using a credit card. Our website has the latest security encryption to keep your credit card information safe. We also accept online and mobile payments.

Do your services come with a warranty?

Yes, all our spindle repair services come with a 12-month warranty. All warranties are subject to terms and conditions.

For additional information, please contact MZI Precision to speak with a representative and learn more about our services: (714) 379-6505