What To Expect We Repair Your Spindle?

The spindle is a critical component of machine tools in most industries. More often than not, the efficiency of these machines is tied to the performance of the spindle. This is the more reason why you have to ensure that your spindle is always in top-notch condition. Our spindle repair service experts at MZI Precision have an in-depth understanding of the workings of spindles, and we are ready to help you get yours back to running with high efficiency.

What is your spindle repair process?

Spindle rebuilding or repair generally comprises inspection, analysis, repair, balancing, and testing. At our CNC spindle repair workshop, we build quality control into each repair phase and ensure every step is completed with utmost attention to detail.

Inspection and analysis
  • Technicians log in each unit of the spindle that arrives at the facility and open a work order. They also inspect each unit to check for external damage before disassembly.
  • Experienced spindle motor service technicians will disassemble the unit. During this stage, they’ll check for the typical signs of contamination, misuse, lack of oil, and other common causes of spindle failure.
  • Maintenance activities such as polishing and solvent washing take place after your spindle is disassembled.
  • After the components have been disassembled, trained spindle motor service technicians inspect and analyze each part with the most advanced tools and techniques checking for size, run-out, and damage. They then generate a report on the likely cause of spindle failure and details of any rework that may be required.

During this critical phase, our expert spindle rebuilders and repair technicians repair or remanufacture the faulty components. All this happens in our workshop, and our ability to do it in-house ensures quality control and prompt completion of spindle repair operations.


If you know anything about spindles, you’d appreciate the importance of balancing on durability and optimal performance. Our spindle repair specialists are skilled in the art of proper spindle balancing. Because we build quality into every stage of the spindle repair process, we employ state-of-the-art computer-controlled balancing equipment on each rotating component. Thereafter, we do the same on the assembled unit.


Our spindle assembly experts have a clean room where they bring the components of your spindle together. Rest assured, we employ new bearings and filtered lubricants, and our assembly experts have hands-on experience working with diverse spindle brands.


During testing, we validate the effectiveness of our spindle repair process by examining spindle speed, temperature, vibration, and critical run-outs. We monitor these vital parameters to ensure your spindle will perform optimally after it’s shipped to you. During the shipping process, we also maintain the stipulated quality control standards.

Contact us for all your spindle repair needs

Do you need reliable spindle rebuilders or repair experts? You need not look beyond MZI Precision. Our experienced technicians have worked with diverse brands of spindles, and we have no doubt we can get yours back to OEM standards. Contact MZI precision at (714) 379-6505 to speak with a representative based here in Huntington Beach, California to learn more about our services.