Our Process For Spindle Rebuilding

Spindles have intricate designs and functionalities. Therefore, spindle rebuilding requires a technician with in-depth experience in disassembling, inspecting, and assembling to give you high-quality repairs.

Our Process

Spindle restoration involves carefully taking apart and examining all components of a faulty spindle. A spindle rebuild expert inspects the spindle to ensure all its components are to OEM specifications. He also checks the spindle bearings’ condition as they will tell you a lot about the failure mode. Spindle shafts and housings out of specifications will be ground, chrome-plated, and reground to bearing OEM specifications. Lastly, all components are cleaned in a solvent, then air-dried.

Once everything is extremely clean, the spindle is reassembled in a cleanroom environment. After completion of the assembly, the spindle technician will run, test, and balance the spindle. We ensure the spindle and all systems are functioning correctly.

Why choose our spindle repair services?

As experienced spindle rebuilders, we know how to dismantle and rebuild spindles. We have rebuilt all spindle brands and types. You can be confident that our spindle technicians will restore your spindle to its full operating efficiency.

When you send your spindle to us, we log it for evaluation. Our disassembly technicians will examine your faulty spindle. We will meticulously check every component’s condition and functionality to determine the cause of the problem. This information will act as a guide during the restoration phase.

We check your spindle’s current health and highlight the damage causing it to malfunction. This information is sent to our purchase department to generate a quote for you. We will proceed with the restoration once you approve the quote we send to you.

Our spindle restoration technicians will clean, restore, or replace all spindle components. We use only ABBEC 7 or 9 classification bearing and high-quality parts to restore your spindle’s original efficiency. We replace or manufacture parts that cannot be repaired. After the repair, our technician will test each component’s functionality before rebuilding the spindle. Spindles are painted before packaging for shipment if needed.

The spindle will be shipped back to you after rebuilding. We pack your spindle in a secure package to minimize in-transit damage.

How fast it takes to rebuild a spindle depends on its size, design, and condition. Severely worn out or damaged spindles may require a complete overhaul. Some modern spindles have an intricate design that requires time and patience to take apart and rebuild. Additional time may be needed for troubleshooting and restoring larger, more complex spindles.

We will keep you updated on the restoration progress. It typically takes 5 to 10 business days to restore your spindle fully. We also provide emergency spindle repair services at a reasonable cost.

Call us today for any questions regarding spindle repair. We are well versed in all types of spindles restoration services. Please contact MZI Precision at (714) 379-6505 to speak with a representative and learn more about our services.