MZI Precision Services All Spindle Repairing Needs

Spindles are one of the most critical components of machine tools. Unfortunately, the central role they play makes them prone to mechanical faults. If your spindle develops a fault, your machine will no longer perform as it should, or sometimes, it may not even work at all. In such cases, it is best to patronize experienced spindle repair experts such as the technicians at MZI Precision. Below are answers to a few common questions about spindle repairing.

How long will it take to repair my spindle?

Different spindles may develop different kinds of faults. So, it’s difficult to provide a definitive answer to how long it’ll take to repair your spindle. Once our technicians take delivery of the spindle, we’ll disassemble the unit and provide an estimated time frame for the repair. However, this can only be done on a case by case basis. Rest assured, our technicians work hard to ensure the prompt completion of all spindle repairing jobs.

What is the cost of CNC spindle repair?

Just like the length of time it’ll take to repair, we cannot provide an accurate estimate of the cost of spindle rebuilding until we have a clearer picture of what we’re dealing with.  While a ballpark price can be calculated with proper information, the actual cost of repair will depend on the nature and extent of spindle damage. We will provide a quote once we’re able to disassemble the spindle and figure out what’s wrong. Again, we can assure you that you’ll get the best value for your money when you patronize our spindle repairing service.

Is my spindle worth repairing?

The first step in our spindle repair process at MZI Precision is assessment and evaluation. We will disassemble your spindle during this stage and try to find out why it’s not working or working as it should. Based on our findings, we’ll provide you with a fair and competitive cost to rebuild your spindle.  Typically the cost to repair or rebuild is between 30% – 50% of new.

Are you sure you can repair my brand of spindle?

Admittedly, there are thousands of makes and models of spindles out there, and each brand may have a slightly different build. However, we also know that our technicians have worked on hundreds of spindle brands with remarkable success. Still, we understand that you’re probably asking this question because you want to know if your spindle can be repaired, or you should opt for outright replacement.  We list many of the makes we repair on the OEMs Rebuilt page on our website.

It’ll be easier to provide a definitive answer if you can send some details about your spindle. Such information includes spindle manufacturer, power in kW, maximum rpm, tool nose configuration, model number, etc. Our spindle motor service experts can review these details and let you know if they’ve worked on your particular model or similar models.

Contact the spindle rebuild specialists

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