Should I rebuild or replace my machine tool spindle?

A common question we receive from our customers is, “should I replace my spindle?” Today’s economic climate helps to make a strong case for repairing spindles as they fail rather than replacing them. While the outright replacement of your spindle may be unavoidable at times, rebuilding the spindle and returning it to service quickly and reliably in a cost-effective manner seems to be the popular choice. 

On average, the lead-time for delivering a new replacement spindle can run as long as 32 weeks, bringing your production to a standstill. Rebuilding your machine tool spindle can usually be completed in less than two weeks (and, in some instances, even a few days.) Working with a spindle rebuild specialist opens up the opportunity to discuss your failure mode and give you options for upgrades and custom modifications tailored to fit the unique demands of your application.

The price for a new spindle, at times, can be as much as triple the cost of a repaired one. Investing in rebuilding the spindle is a practical alternative and will involve only the components that need replacing without the higher costs associated with purchasing an entirely new spindle. Typically the cost to repair a spindle can be between 30%-45% of the price of a new OEM spindle. Knowing that you can remanufacture a spindle multiple times without adverse consequences makes the repair option even more attractive.

The health of a spindle directly impacts the health of a machine tool and, more importantly, the quality of a product. By holding off on the repair of the spindle, you may be causing more damage to it and its components. What could have been a basic repair may now have extensive chrome and grind work, which is more costly and time-consuming. If a spindle’s health fails, having a service provider with a proven track record of experience will be a lifesaver.  

Ultimately, delivery times, costs, and production schedules will determine the correct route to pursue. If you’re having trouble choosing the right option for you, call our experts to explore your options. Confidently repair your spindle with precision and speed! 

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