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Spindle Motor Repair

Spindle Motor Repair

What is our process for spindle motor repair?

Initial Inspection
Immediately after the spindle motor arrives at our state of the art facility, we log the motor into our database to ensure every detail of the repair process is documented. Any initial external issues with the spindle motor are recorded, then it is moved to our spindle motor repair technicians to go through a variety of tests.

Testing and Dissasembly
Our technicians will take the spindle motor through a few electrical tests to identify any potential causes of failure. Once the initial tests are completed, we will carefully disassemble the spindle motor and inspect each component to hone in on any issues that caused the failure. The stator will also go through a steam cleaning process if needed then it will run through a variety of tests to identify any malfunctions that need to be corrected. If any components need to be replaced or reworked, MZI Precision has a wide variety of parts available and can typically source any part that is not currently in stock.

Prepare Quote for Approval
Upon completion of a full evaluation, we will deliver a quote that summarizes the total cost of the repair and parts to be replaced. Once we receive the approval, our technicians will move forward with the spindle motor repair.

Spindle Motor Repair Time
7 to 10 business days is the standard delivery time, but we do have an emergency repair service that can turn around a repair within as fast as 24 hours on some occasions.

Final Testing and Return to Customer
When the spindle motor repair service is completed, we will conduct a performance stress test to make sure everything is operating at the highest level. The motor will be balanced and run through standard break-in procedure. Once the tests are passed, we will package the spindle motor to eliminate and damage risk while in transit, then send the package back to the customer´s facility.

With MZI Precision, you will gain access to our highly-skilled, experienced group of technicians that are 100% dedicated to delivering the best service for your spindle motor repair needs.

Contact MZI Precision today to get your spindle motor repair quote or to learn more about our services: (714) 379-6505

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