Steering Box Rebuilders: Who to Trust with Your Vehicle


When dealing with steering box rebuilders, it’s crucial to choose a company that matches their expertise with your vehicle’s specific needs. Steering box issues can significantly impair your driving experience and safety, making timely and professional rebuilds essential. This introduction will briefly guide you through the expected costs of a rebuild and the common symptoms that indicate your steering box might be failing.

Rebuilding a steering box typically involves disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, and replacing worn-out parts, which can vary significantly in cost depending on the vehicle type and the extent of damage. Costs can start from a few hundred dollars and escalate if major components need replacement.

Common symptoms of a problematic steering box include:
Grinding noises when turning the steering wheel.
– A loose steering feel, which diminishes control.
Binding or catching of the wheel during turns.
– The vehicle drifting or pulling to one side.
Difficulty in steering, especially evident in vehicles with power steering.
Leaking fluid, typically indicating a seal failure.

These symptoms not only reduce driving pleasure but also pose considerable safety risks. Addressing them promptly with a reputable rebuilder can restore the functionality and reliability of your vehicle.

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Understanding Steering Box Rebuilds

When your vehicle starts showing signs of steering issues, understanding the process and cost of a steering box rebuild is crucial. Here, we’ll break down the essentials of the rebuilding process, the cost-effectiveness, and the difference between manual and power steering systems.

Cost of Rebuilding a Steering Box

The cost to rebuild a steering box can vary significantly based on several factors:

  • Average Cost: Typically, prices start at around $400 for common models like the GM/Saginaw 700 and 600 steering boxes. This includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and reassembly with new seals.
  • Labor Costs: Labor can range from $200 to $500, depending on the complexity of the rebuild and the technician’s expertise.
  • Parts Pricing: Basic seal kits are relatively inexpensive, but prices can increase if hard parts like gears or valves need replacing. For instance, a valve adjustment alone might cost around $300.

These costs reflect the intricate nature of the work and the skilled labor required to ensure your steering box is restored to optimal condition.

Can a Steering Box Be Rebuilt?

Rebuilding a steering box is often a viable option, particularly for classic cars where maintaining original components adds value. However, in some cases, replacement might be more cost-effective, especially if the box is extensively damaged or if a newer model offers better performance and reliability. It’s important to weigh the cost of rebuilding against the benefits of a new unit.

Life Expectancy of a Steering Box

The life expectancy of a rebuilt steering box largely depends on the vehicle’s usage and maintenance:

  • Mileage Estimate: A well-rebuilt steering box can last a significant amount of mileage, often mirroring the lifespan of a new unit if maintained properly.
  • Replacement Timing: Typically, a steering box should be inspected and possibly rebuilt every 100,000 to 150,000 miles, but this can vary based on how the vehicle is driven and its operating environment.

Manual vs. Power Steering

The choice between rebuilding a manual or a power steering box also impacts the process and cost:

  • Manual Steering Boxes are generally simpler and cheaper to rebuild. They lack the hydraulics of power systems, which simplifies the rebuild process.
  • Power Steering Boxes require more intricate work due to their hydraulic components. Rebuilding these units can be more costly but is essential for the functionality they provide, especially in modern vehicles.

Understanding these aspects helps in making an informed decision about whether to opt for a rebuild or replacement of your vehicle’s steering box. Addressing issues promptly ensures safety and restores the pleasure of driving your vehicle with confidence.

Symptoms of a Bad Steering Box

When your vehicle’s steering starts to feel off, it might be time to check the steering box. This crucial component is responsible for translating the turn of your steering wheel into the actual turning of your wheels. Here are some common symptoms that suggest your steering box might be failing:

  • Grinding noises: If turning your steering wheel results in grinding sounds, it’s a clear sign of internal wear or insufficient lubrication within the steering box.
  • Loose steering: A steering wheel that feels unusually light or wobbly indicates worn components inside the steering box.
  • Binding feeling: When the steering wheel feels tight or is hard to turn at certain angles, it suggests misalignment or damage in the gears or bearings.
  • Vehicle drifts: If your vehicle pulls to one side while you’re trying to drive straight, the steering box might be misaligned or failing.
  • Power steering failure: In vehicles with power steering, a failure can make the steering wheel very hard to turn. This could be due to fluid leaks or a malfunctioning pump.
  • Dashboard warning light: Modern vehicles will alert you to power steering issues with a warning light on the dashboard.
  • Fluid leak: Puddles of fluid under your car, especially near the front, might mean a leak in the steering box or its connections.

Diagnosing Steering Box Issues

When you suspect issues with your steering box, here are steps you can take:

  1. Visual Inspection: Check for obvious signs of damage or leaks around the steering box. Look for worn or loose connections and check the fluid levels if your vehicle has power steering.
  2. Listen: While stationary, turn the steering wheel from one side to the other. Listen for any unusual noises like grinding or clicking, which could indicate internal issues.
  3. Feel: Pay attention to how the steering feels as you drive. Any stiffness, looseness, or irregularities in steering response can be indicative of problems.
  4. Check Response: During a safe, slow drive, see if the vehicle drifts to one side without steering input, or if the steering feels uneven across different driving conditions.

Professional Inspection

If you’re unsure about diagnosing the problem yourself, or if the symptoms suggest complex issues, it’s best to seek a professional inspection. Mechanics can perform detailed checks, such as:

  • Pressure Tests: To assess the integrity and efficiency of power steering systems.
  • Component Examination: Detailed inspection of all internal components of the steering box for wear or damage.

Self-Diagnosis Tips

For those familiar with vehicle maintenance, here are a few tips:

  • Check Fluid Levels: Regularly check and top up power steering fluid if your vehicle uses it.
  • Tighten Connections: Ensure that all connections to the steering box are tight and secure to prevent play and leaks.
  • Regular Maintenance: Incorporate steering checks into your regular vehicle maintenance routine to catch issues early.

By understanding and recognizing these symptoms and issues, you can take timely action to address problems with your steering box, ensuring safer and more enjoyable driving experiences. If you’re ever in doubt, professional help is just a call away to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition.

Choosing a Rebuilder for Your Steering Box

When it comes time to choose a rebuilder for your steering box, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you receive the best service and results for your vehicle.

Factors to Consider

  • Expertise: Look for rebuilders with a strong track record and expertise in handling a variety of steering boxes, especially if you have a unique or older model.
  • Warranty: A robust warranty can give you peace of mind. Ensure the rebuilder offers a warranty that covers any defects or issues post-rebuild.
  • Customization Options: Depending on your needs, you might require custom adjustments or specifications. Check if the rebuilder can accommodate these.
  • Turnaround Times: Consider how long it will take to get your steering box back. Opt for a service that balances quick turnaround times with quality work.

MZI Precision

At MZI Precision, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding and expertise in rebuilding steering boxes. Here’s why you should consider us for your steering box rebuild needs:

  • Expertise in OEMs Rebuilt Spindles: Our team is highly skilled in rebuilding OEM-specific spindles, ensuring your steering box meets or exceeds original manufacturer standards.
  • Exceptional Service: We provide top-notch customer service, keeping you informed throughout the rebuilding process and ensuring all your concerns are addressed.
  • Warranty: We offer a 12-month limited warranty against manufacturer defects, providing additional security for your investment.
  • Customization Options: Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your vehicle, whether it requires minor adjustments or major rebuilds.
  • Turnaround Times: We strive to complete all rebuilds efficiently without compromising on quality. For standard Saginaw steering boxes, our typical turnaround is within 2 weeks.

Choosing the right rebuilder is crucial for enhancing the performance and reliability of your vehicle’s steering system. With MZI Precision, you can trust that your steering box is in expert hands. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your vehicle will serve you well for many miles to come.

By selecting a qualified and reputable rebuilder like MZI Precision, you safeguard your vehicle’s functionality and ensure a smoother, more reliable driving experience.

Rebuilding Services Overview

Testimonials and Reviews

When it comes to steering box rebuilders, finding a service that excels in both quality and customer satisfaction is key. Here, we explore the offerings from Turn One and Gearbox & Pump Rebuilders, along with insights from customers who have experienced significant drivability improvements after using these services.

Turn One specializes in breathing new life into your steering components. They focus on a personalized approach — rebuilding your specific part, not just replacing it with a stock piece. This ensures that each component fits and functions as intended, often better than original due to meticulous attention to detail during the rebuild process.

Gearbox & Pump Rebuilders offer a comprehensive range of services for both manual and power steering systems. Their rebuilds cover:
Power Gearbox Rebuilds: Including leak testing and options for standard or extreme detailing.
Pump Rebuilds: Each pump is bench tested to ensure functionality.
Manual Gearbox Rebuilds: Adjustments are reset to factory settings to guarantee the original performance.

Customers who have chosen these services often report back with positive feedback, highlighting the satisfaction guarantee and the noticeable improvement in their vehicle’s steering responsiveness and reliability. One customer noted, “After the rebuild, my car’s steering felt more responsive and much smoother. It’s like driving a new car!”

The limited lifetime warranty that accompanies most of these services also stands out as a testament to the confidence these rebuilders have in their workmanship. This warranty covers most makes and models, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners.

Drivability Improvements

The impact of a professional steering box rebuild on vehicle drivability cannot be overstated. Customers frequently report:
Reduced Steering Effort: Easier handling and improved control.
Elimination of Steering Noise: Quiet operation with no grinding or binding noises.
Enhanced Safety: Reliable steering performance reduces the risk of accidents due to component failure.

These improvements are crucial, especially for those relying on their vehicles for daily commuting or commercial activities. The right rebuilder restores not only the function but also the integrity of the steering system, ensuring both safety and enjoyment in driving.

By choosing a trusted and experienced rebuilder like Turn One or Gearbox & Pump Rebuilders, you ensure that your vehicle receives the best care possible, translating into a reliable and enjoyable driving experience. A well-rebuilt steering box not only performs better but also extends the life of your vehicle.

Moving forward, it’s essential to keep these points in mind when deciding who to trust with your steering system. The right choice will lead to a safer, smoother, and more reliable drive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Steering Box Rebuilds

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild a Power Steering Box?

The cost of rebuilding a power steering box typically starts at around $400. This base price generally covers basic services like disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and reassembly with new seals, as seen with common GM/Saginaw 700 and 600 steering boxes. However, if your steering box requires additional repairs or replacement of hard parts like gears or valves, the costs can increase significantly. Labor costs can range from $200 to $500, depending on the complexity of the rebuild and the expertise of the mechanic.

Can a Steering Box Be Rebuilt?

Yes! Steering boxes can often be rebuilt, which is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your vehicle’s steering system. Rebuilding involves replacing worn or damaged components like seals and adjusting settings to restore the box to optimal condition. It’s a preferred option for many, especially for classic cars where original components are valued. However, if a steering box is severely damaged, replacing it might be more economical in the long run.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Steering Box?

The life expectancy of a steering box varies depending on several factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, driving conditions, and maintenance practices. Typically, a well-maintained steering box can last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Regular checks and maintenance are crucial in extending the life of a steering box. It’s important to address any symptoms of wear or damage early to avoid more extensive repairs later.

By understanding these key aspects of steering box rebuilds, you can make informed decisions about maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s steering system. Always consult with experienced professionals like those at MZI Precision to ensure your steering box is in the best possible condition.


Choosing the right steering box rebuilders is not just about fixing a problem; it’s about ensuring your vehicle’s safety and performance for the long haul. Here’s why the expertise of the rebuilder matters and how MZI Precision stands out in this critical field.

Choosing the Right Rebuilder

When it comes to steering box rebuilds, the choice of rebuilder can significantly influence the outcome. A proficient rebuilder not only restores the function of your steering box but also enhances its performance and longevity. This is critical because the steering system is integral to your vehicle’s safety. Opting for experienced rebuilders ensures that every component is meticulously assessed and restored to meet, if not exceed, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

Importance of Expertise

The complexity of steering systems, especially in modern vehicles, requires a deep understanding of mechanical and hydraulic systems. MZI Precision brings this expertise to the table with a team of specialists who are well-versed in the nuances of steering box mechanics. Our process involves careful disassembly, precise component inspection, and exact reassembly, ensuring that every rebuilt steering box operates smoothly and reliably.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our approach to using precision tools and high-quality parts, which are crucial for achieving a rebuild that restores your steering box to its prime condition. This expertise is not just about fixing parts; it’s about delivering a solution that enhances your vehicle’s steering response and reliability.

MZI Precision’s Commitment

At MZI Precision, we understand that your vehicle is vital to your daily operations, whether it’s for personal use or business. That’s why we are committed to providing not only top-quality rebuilds but also exceptional customer service. Our robust warranty backs our work, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

We pride ourselves on minimizing downtime, understanding that you need your vehicle back in action as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the rebuild. Our streamlined process ensures that your steering box is returned to you in optimal condition, ready to handle the demands of the road.

In conclusion, selecting the right steering box rebuilder is crucial. It’s not just about the immediate repairs but also about the long-term health and performance of your vehicle. With MZI Precision, you choose reliability and expertise. Trust us to restore the precision and safety of your steering system. Explore our gearbox rebuild services and let us help you maintain your vehicle at its best.