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Spindle Motor California

Spindle Motor California

Having trouble with your spindle motor and looking for help to fix it? You have come to the right place. We at MZI precision are the expert Motor spindles repairer. We have been in this industry for years and have repaired spindles for machines in various sectors, so we are well trained to deal with any spindle motor type or category. We use the latest technology, and combine them with the unsurpassed skills of our expert technicians, to enable the best and most efficient CNC spindle repair. We decided to share some tips today. For those of you who need it, we present to you a brief guide for your spindle motor troubleshooting problems.

A brief guide to spindle motor troubleshoot issues:

We are going to categorize the troubleshooting errors and their correction methods based on the signals that the machine is providing:

Situation 1: Alarm 123 Spindle Drive Fault And/Or Alarm 236 Spindle Motor Overload:

When the machine signifies either of these two alarms, there can be multiple causes behind it and different corrective measures for them. The causes that led to this signal can be:

  1. Vector drive short-circuited.
  2. Failure of vector drive fans.
  3. Hasty or wrongly forceful application.
  4. Damaged or failed temperature sensor.
  5. Internal short circuit in the spindle.
  6. Loose or faulty cable connection.
  7. Short circuit in the cable connection.
  8. Short-circuit or damage of Wye/Delta contacts.
  9. Fused regen resistors.
  10. Failure of spindle fan.
  11. Damages or worn-out spindle belt or encoder.

The confirming actions for these causes are:

  1. For causes 1 and 2, it is recommended that you check the vector drive and test it.
  2. For cause 3, adjust the application.
  3. For cause 4, test the sensor.
  4. For cause 5, test the spindle motor.
  5. For causes 6 & 7, have a look at the cable connection and inspect whether anything is faulty.
  6. For cause 8, inspect the Wye/Delta.
  7. For cause 9, Inspect the vector drive and regen.
  8. For cause 10, have a thorough look at the spindle fan and the spindle cable.
  9. For cause 11. All you have to do is inspect the spindle encoder belt.

Situation 2: Alarm 254 Spindle Motor Overheat:

When your machine signals this alarm, it can only be due to two causes:

  1. Over-aggressive application.
  2. Operating failure of the spindle fan.

To confirm the cause you have to try adjusting the program for the first cause, and inspect the spindle fan and the connection, for the second cause.

Situation 3: Motor noise or inefficient finish on parts:

When this is the case, your Motors for motion control are likely to vibrate excessively. There can be two causes for it:

  1. Excessive vibration due to damages or faulty bearings.
  2. Coolant contamination.

You can confirm and rectify these errors by conducting a vibration analysis or by examining the TSC union for damage or leaks.

Despite learning about the troubleshooting system of your Motor spindles, you are confused as to how to fix the motor or are unable to fix it, we recommend that you call up a reliable and efficient service like ours to systematically repair your motor spindle and make it good as new.

Contact us: Contact MZI precision today and get a repair solution for your motor kindle. Fill out this request form and send it to us https://mziprecision.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Spindle_Repair_Request_Form.pdf or call us at 714-379-6505

Spindle Motor California
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Spindle Motor California
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