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Server Room Monitoring System

Server Room Monitoring System

Environmental monitoring systems allow you to monitor certain conditions in your data center or server room. The conditions that are monitored include extreme temperatures, humidity, water leaks, and more. With a proper environmental monitoring system, you are alerted to any condition that could have a major impact on your server and data. At Enviromon, we offer some of the best environmental monitoring devices available. Today, we will look at some of the environmental server monitoring solutions we offer.

SensorProbe Series

Our SensorProbe series is the perfect solution for the data center and can be used in other critical areas, including warehouse temperature monitoring, remote site monitoring, server room temperature monitoring, and more. These are the world's most-used remote environmental sensor monitoring devices. Based on several years of industry experience, you can simply assign the IP and the SensorProbe to the embedded web server.

The device can record all events in its database, showings the time stamp of when the alarm was raised and what you need to do. Some SensorProbe series don't require depending on external software, as it gives you the best for your monitoring needs. Our sensor monitoring system safeguards your resources, infrastructure, and investment from any external disaster before it happens.

SensorProbe+ Series

SensorProbe+ provides additional benefits to the sensorProbe series. These sensor monitoring systems are compatible with more sensors like the NIST2 and NIST3 sensors, BATTMON, thermal cabinet maps, the in-line power meter, and fuel level sensors. In addition, the sensorProbe+ features a Modbus port that you can customize with 4/8/12/16 sensor ports. It also has dry contacts included in the modules of 10/20, mini relays, a 4G cellular modem, and internal UPS.

Furthermore, these sensor monitoring systems have an expansion bus that allows you to add more modules. The sensorProbe+ series offer an HTML5 web UI and virtual software sensors that you can use to monitor 3rd-party devices. It can also run SNMPv3, VPN, and radius.


These are advanced remote environmental sensor monitoring systems that help control access to server cabinets, racks, and secure spaces. SecurityProbe does not only alerts you to conditions in the data center, server room, or another sensitive environment; it can also monitor the physical environment and send you alerts on security breaches, unauthorized intruders, water leakages, high temperatures, and more.

SecurityProbe is compatible with a range of AKCP intelligent sensors, and it provides a complete security solution for about 500 sensors. Most of our devices have a Linux Operating System, and you can install an additional SD card to provide greater storage capacity. Keep in mind that SecurityProbe is supplied without sensors. So, you should consider adding temperature or humidity sensors to your order.

Choosing a server room monitoring system

All of the devices discussed above can be used to monitor server rooms against extreme heat, moisture, or other performance issues that can damage your server. Our sensor monitoring system offers a centralized perspective of your server or data center so you don't miss out on the conditions that can affect your performance. If you are not sure which device to choose, you can talk to one of our specialists. Contact sales to explore our server room monitoring systems.

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Server Room Monitoring System
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