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Glass And Mirror Repair Oswego Illinois

Glass And Mirror Repair Oswego Illinois

Count on Top Glass and Mirror Repair in Oswego Illinois

Glass and mirrors are an essential part of people's lives, as they allow protection from the elements in a given environment. In vehicles, they allow visibility while protecting drivers and passengers from the elements and outside agents. In homes and businesses, they not only help to protect but also regulate the temperature of the environment or as decorative elements.

Although glass and mirrors are very useful, they are fragile materials that can be damaged at any time. Today there are state-of-the-art techniques that allow the successful repair of these materials, but how do you know when a glass or mirror can be repaired or when it should be replaced? You must know the specific criteria, to know if you should replace, or you can opt for a glass and mirror repair in Oswego Illinois.

Glass and Mirrors: Repair or Replace?

Opting for a repair or glass replacement in Oswego Il will depend on the type of damage and its extent:

Stains and Scratches

Leading scratched & stained glass repair companies like Glashopper Glass can repair stains and scratches on your glass and mirrors, restoring their properties such as transparency, refraction, and shine. For this, innovative polishing methods are used, using specialized abrasives and polishing discs.

With these modern procedures, you will be able to recover between 75-95% of your damaged glass, without the need to replace it. The only consideration for scratches has to do with the depth of the damage. If the scratch is very pronounced and the film is very thin, thinning the glass or mirror with polishing may reduce the thickness to a breaking point. In that case, you will invariably have to replace.


Glass breakage can only be repaired satisfactorily in laminated glass. This type of glass is composed of two independent sheets that are joined by interleaving a sheet of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). If the breakage is in the outer pane of the glass (whether residential or automotive glass) it can be repaired satisfactorily using resin filling.

However, there are certain standards for deciding whether laminated glass can be repaired. ANSI-NWRA-ROLAGS 001-2014 is a standard for auto glass replacement or repair, which also serves as a guide for evaluating residential. Here are some of the considerations the standard has, which recommends replacement in the event of:

  • Damage penetrates both panes of laminated glass.
  • Damage with three or more long cracks originating from a single point of impact.
  • Deteriorations inside the laminated glass layer
  • Imperfections contaminated with visible impurities that cannot be removed
  • Damage or discoloration of PVB
  • Flaws in an area where the characteristics negatively impact the repair
  • Damage with a crack size greater than 3/8".
  • Cracks in the edge of the panoramic glass
  • Damage in the primary viewing area
  • If the diameter of the damage is greater than one inch
  • The repair will be within 4 inches (100 mm) of another repair.

Get the Best Glass and Mirror Repair in Oswego Illinois

If you're looking for the leading glass replacement or glass repair in Oswego IL, you're in the right place. For more than a century Glasshopper Glass has successfully served thousands of satisfied customers, making us the leading company in the region. Let us provide you with world-class service. Call us for a free estimate or service.

Glass And Mirror Repair Oswego Illinois
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Glass And Mirror Repair Oswego Illinois
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