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Dx Coils

Dx CoilsAre you looking for a coil manufacturing company for your custom-made DX coils? Before you hire a company for the job, there is a lot to consider. Are you doing business with a re-seller who is simply passing on someone else's products at a marked-up price, or are you partnering with a true manufacturing facility that can design, engineer and manufacture the precise product you need for your application?

American Coil falls under the latter category, and as such, are able to custom design and produce the high-quality DX coils you need. Their experts are able to engineer and manufacture replacement DX coils based on your project's specifications, replicate an OEM coil or even improve upon an original design while staying true to the original fitment.

DX coils at American Coil are made to your exact application specs- they also offer a variety of metering, circuiting and manifold options. Clients appreciate that American Coil is capable of adding intermediate drain pans, producing coils and pans from stainless steel of mild treated to protect against corrosion.

When it comes to the choice of simply being able to find the part or working with a company that can help you extend the life of your equipment, there is no choice, really. You've probably already taken note that DX coils can be exhausting to source and expensive to replace, which is one reason why American Coil's experienced team of engineers provide quality service that is guaranteed to extend longevity of existing coils and provide clients with exceptional solutions to ensure you don't have to do the same job more than once.

American Coil has been the top provider of original equipment for more than 20 years and has been recognized nationwide, and used by some of the biggest HVAC brand names in the industry. As a company committed to providing the highest quality coils for aerospace and private jet manufacturers, HVAC air handler makers, computer data room cooling manufacturers and other industries, American Coil guarantees to provide the solution you've been searching for.

Allow American Coil to treat your DX coils with AmeriCoat, an innovative, American Coil developed dip-coat technology, ensuring coil protection and a dramatic increase in the service life of your coils. Whether you are working with DX coils or your product contains coils, you are probably aware that the coil is one of the most delicate and essential parts to a machine. Of course, if the coil is not working optimally, the device won't be working well either.

When down time is not an option, consider American Coil's AmeriCoat for the protection of your coils against corrosion. Corrosion is preventable by use of the specially-formulated coating that American Coil can apply to your DX coils. Their innovative formulation surpasses even the electrically-applied HVAC and AC coil coating in durability.

Contact American Coil by calling 888-947-2427 to speak with an expert about designing and manufacturing your custom DX coils or about AmeriCoat for your coils. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide advice or help you get the manufacturing process under way. Dx Coils
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